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The five biggest mistakes made by sugar daddies!

The trend of old sugar daddies who prefer to date young and gorgeous girls is growing. Keeping this in mind, the sugar daddy websites have been designed. Not only do the men look for girls, but there are also many girls out there who are looking for sugar daddies to take care of them by showering their money on them while they pay back by keeping them entertained and sexually fulfilling their desires. Although the sugar relationships are very sweet, the sugar daddies tend to make a lot of mistakes. The following is a list of the things a sugar daddy should avoid while dating sugar babies: [Read More]

The basic protocol for dating a married sugar daddy!

A lot of young girls out there find their confidante in a sugar daddy. Are you one of the sugar babies? Usually, the sugar daddies are already taken which means that they are already married. However, you can still be his favorite by following some basic protocols that can help you gain the lost confidence in them and be his adoring baby. This would, in turn, help you receive a regular allowance to pay tuition fees or shopping bills for you. [Read More]